CMAS Schedule through March, 2017

Here is the schedule for CMAS events through March, 2017. Highlights include: (1) No star party in September, because so may will be at the Acadia Night Sky Festival.

(2) Business Meeting on October 29, rain or shine. The 6:00pm start time may be tweaked. This meets at Brower, because Colin needs to show us . . . → Read More: CMAS Schedule through March, 2017

Confirming DRA Star Party

Looking forward to seeing everyone tonight at DRA! The list at the Doodle Poll has grown. My weekend-away-on-business got postponed, so Bridgit and I will be there after all. If you have not responded to the poll, adding your name may attract other friends; or, since we know we’ll be meeting anyway, just show and . . . → Read More: Confirming DRA Star Party

Extra Star Party at DRA this Saturday?

Brian Murphy has offered to host an extra star party this month at DRA, this Saturday, August 6, 2016, at 8:30pm (8:00pm setup). Add your name to this list if you would be there, and we’ll make it official! If no one is available, Brian may become, instead, the lone observer in his backyard in . . . → Read More: Extra Star Party at DRA this Saturday?

Work Day Notes — Brower Observatory

Colin’s notes from July 24, 2016:


The Brower Observatory is now in much better shape than before. In the process of repairing some decaying sheathing, the entire North Corner was found to be unsound.

Looking back, it seemed like a cost savings to utilize old lumber, but it’s probable that . . . → Read More: Work Day Notes — Brower Observatory

July 2 Star Party at Bombahook Observatory


The clear sky chart looks promising this evening and the winds are predicted to moderate but maintain enough of a breeze to keep the mosquitos away. Feel free to come early if you need to set up (7:30pm). We should be able to see the bright planets sometime around 9:00pm, but astronomical darkness for . . . → Read More: July 2 Star Party at Bombahook Observatory

Work Day at Brower Observatory

The work day at Brower Observatory is especially important. Our observatory needs maintenance. It is no longer completely watertight, but seeps in rain and snowmelt. To fix it before it outright leaks, we’ll be replacing the roofing shingles, fixing flashings in the walls and dome, and installing a new door. Please help us on Saturday, . . . → Read More: Work Day at Brower Observatory

Schedule of Star Parties through March, 2017

Below is a list of the dates for CMAS’s star parties through March, 2017. They are presented in sets of two. The first date in each set is the intended date for the star party; the second is the rain date. These are the Saturdays before and after the new moons, timed to avoid interference . . . → Read More: Schedule of Star Parties through March, 2017

Planetary Star Party Tonight

Tonight, Mars will be about as close to the Earth as we’ll see it in the next few years. That means it will be especially large and bright in the eyepiece. Honestly, if we miss tonight, it will appear about the same for the next few weeks, but it’s fun to see it this near . . . → Read More: Planetary Star Party Tonight

Memorial Day Weekend Star Party

Even though it’s the start of Memorial Day Weekend, we have decided to have a star party this Saturday, June 28, 2016, at Brower Observatory. It will be dark enough to begin observing by 9:00pm, but earlier setup is always welcome. If it’s cloudy on the 28th, the make-up party will be at DRA instead . . . → Read More: Memorial Day Weekend Star Party

Solar Viewing at Bombahook

It’s official! Brian Murphy will be hosting a solar party today, in the afternoon before tonight’s star party, but at his home, not at DRA. Viewing starts at 3:00pm and ends at 5:00pm, leaving time to pack up, get dinner, and head to DRA. Everyone is welcome. Details at the Facebook page created for this . . . → Read More: Solar Viewing at Bombahook