Emera Star Party (*Not* DRA!)

By vote of this month’s Doodle poll, we will not be meeting at DRA this weekend, but shall instead all storm the opening of UMaine Orono’s Emera Astronomy Center, for our own good time and so that our presence will make something big even bigger. Emera will serve all of Maine, from school children in . . . → Read More: Emera Star Party (*Not* DRA!)

Galaxy Quest Cancelled

We will *not* be meeting tonight at Galaxy Quest (Saturday, September 20, 2014). The weather reports are trending toward clouds, winds, and dewing. Tomorrow night’s skies are predicted to be even worse, so we do not anticipate meeting then, either. Next weekend is the Acadia Night Sky Festival, an event we want to encourage, so . . . → Read More: Galaxy Quest Cancelled

Placards for Acadia Volunteers

CMAS members who will be bringing a telescope to the Acadia Night Sky Festival, please get in touch with the Presidential Palace immediately, so there will be time to send you an official placard for the dashboard of your car. Reading, “I have a telescope,” and sporting the festival’s logo, it admits you to roads . . . → Read More: Placards for Acadia Volunteers

Saturday at Galaxy Quest

September’s star party at Galaxy Quest will be held on Saturday the 20th at 8:00pm. Earlier setup encouraged. The Clear Sky Chart predicts the afternoon’s cloudiness clearing by shortly after observing begins.

Flash Star Party Tonight — Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Clear Sky Clock shows tonight to be about as good a night for astronomy as we get in these parts, so CMAS loyalist Brian Murphy is opening Bombahook Observatory in Hallowell to the starlight-starved masses! There will be a pizza party before the star party. Please respond to the Doodle poll, so we’ll know . . . → Read More: Flash Star Party Tonight — Tuesday, August 19, 2014

August DRA Star Party Cancelled

There will be no star party tonight (Saturday, August 16, 2014). Looking out the window and checking the radar, the clouds are rolling in as predicted.

The Doodle poll says no one would attend tomorrow night (Sunday, August 17, 2014), so there will be no star party then, even if the weather clears. The conflicting . . . → Read More: August DRA Star Party Cancelled

No Star Party Friday

You know your cheerleading President: Ever hopeful of clear nights; always consulting the various on-line and human oracles; ever wary against canceling a star party in expectation of clouds, on a night that then proves to be clear. Tough call tonight, with conflicting weather forecasts regarding a mass of clouds that may avoid or obscure . . . → Read More: No Star Party Friday

CMAS Star Party Tonight — Saturday, July 26, 2014

Star party tonight at Brower Observatory in North Whitefield! Sun sets late, so we’ll start around 9:00pm; earlier setup welcome. The most trusted weather reports converge around a mostly cloudless night after a likely cloudy afternoon and evening. It’s the night of the new moon, so we’re hoping, and we’ll be there.

Star Party at Brower Observatory — Saturday, July 26, 2014

This month’s star party will be at Brower Observatory on Saturday, July 26, 2014, the night of the new moon. Anticipating the perfect Saturday evening, Colin has the newly-refigured, freshly-coated mirror installed in the 16″ in the dome, so stunning views await us. Tests have shown faint structures to be more clearly visible than before. . . . → Read More: Star Party at Brower Observatory — Saturday, July 26, 2014

Mechuwana Science Camp Tonight — Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A reminder about tonight’s cloud party at the science camp at Camp Mechuwana in Winthrop: So far, two of us have arranged to teach astronomy to school children. Conditions are expected to be impossible for a star party, at least cloudy and maybe rainy, so we’ll be teaching inside instead. This is a sharp group . . . → Read More: Mechuwana Science Camp Tonight — Wednesday, July 23, 2014