CMAS December Star Party Cancelled

The joke’s on us. Yesterday, we predicted the perfect weekend for star gazing, three nights straight of clear skies, or so all the weather reports promised. Tonight, we’re canceling our December star party, due to thickening clouds.

Tonight as you sit inside sipping hot cocoa, please ponder the topics that you could lead in discussions, . . . → Read More: CMAS December Star Party Cancelled

CMAS December 20th Star Party

This month’s star party will be held tomorrow, Saturday, December 20, at Brower Observatory. We’ll be starting at 6:00pm, to take advantage of winter’s early darkness and the better transparency expected earlier. Setup before 6:00pm is welcome.

Please be aware that the calendar in our Web site’s sidebar updates slowly, since Google’s recent bad update . . . → Read More: CMAS December 20th Star Party

December Star Party, Second Attempt

Following up on last week’s postponed star party, we are hoping to meet for a star party at Brower Observatory this Saturday, December 20, 2014, at 6:30pm (with the usual somewhat earlier setup welcome). Current long-range forecasts suggest that Saturday may be partly cloudy, so we’ll let you know whether it becomes possible to open . . . → Read More: December Star Party, Second Attempt

January Star Party to Host DRA’s Members

CMAS welcomes The Damariscotta River Association’s membership to the January 2015 star party at DRA. This will be much like the star parties CMAS has hosted for schoolchildren, except that the guests will be about fifteen of DRA’s mostly adult members. When DRA’s Sarah Gladu requested our assistance, CMAS jumped at the opportunity, in thanks . . . → Read More: January Star Party to Host DRA’s Members

Un-Cancellable Star Parties: Call for Speakers

Taking a cue from other clubs around New England, new for the year 2015, CMAS expands from being purely a club of observers into one that meets also to hear the most interesting speakers on astronomy that Maine has to offer. Rather than cancel oh-so-often due to bad weather, we will meet regularly to discuss . . . → Read More: Un-Cancellable Star Parties: Call for Speakers

Geminids Meteor Shower

By the time the clouds cleared after the last storm, the Geminids had pretty well passed. From the darkest part of my in-town neighborhood, I saw exactly one meteor last Sunday Night, December 14, 2014, at around 11:00pm. It was bright, but left a somewhat short trail as it whizzed below Orion. Did anyone see . . . → Read More: Geminids Meteor Shower

Star Party Moved to December 20th

As often happens after the passage of a storm, tonight suddenly looks good for astronomy. Nevertheless, due to the pace of the change and Sunday nights being problematic for some with Monday morning following, we have decided to postpone until next Saturday, December, 20th, 6:30pm, again at Brower Observatory. The 20th will actually be closer . . . → Read More: Star Party Moved to December 20th

December Star Party at Brower Observatory

For those loyal CMASers who have wondered about the star party scheduled for Brower Observatory this weekend, at the peak of the Geminid Meteor Shower, it’s nearly certain that this crazy weather will nix it. Clouds are anticipated through Saturday, and if they part by Sunday night, fog threatens to appear instead. All told, not . . . → Read More: December Star Party at Brower Observatory

Star Party Friday at Brower

On Friday, November 21, 2014, at 6:30pm, meet at Brower Observatory for this month’s star party. Setup welcome at 6:00pm. Meeting on Friday avoids the increasingly early predicted arrival of clouds on Saturday night.

Emera Star Party (*Not* DRA!)

By vote of this month’s Doodle poll, we will not be meeting at DRA this weekend, but shall instead all storm the opening of UMaine Orono’s Emera Astronomy Center, for our own good time and so that our presence will make something big even bigger. Emera will serve all of Maine, from school children in . . . → Read More: Emera Star Party (*Not* DRA!)