Emera Planetarium Sold Out for February 17, 2017

If you have not yet bought your tickets for tonight’s show at Emera Astronomy Center, stay home! As of 1:30pm when I called today, there was only one ticket left. Additionally, Emera could not confirm whether the Bangor Symphony Orchestra’s ensemble would perform tonight, per the original schedule. There are over thirty tickets available for . . . → Read More: Emera Planetarium Sold Out for February 17, 2017

Confirming Tonight’s Star Party

It’s official. We have a small, confirmed contingent meeting at DRA for a star party, tonight (Saturday, January 28, 2017) at 6:00pm. Everyone is welcome to join us, and would surely add to the fun. DRA reports that the field is free of snow, right down to the bare grass, and the parking lot . . . → Read More: Confirming Tonight’s Star Party

Possibly a Star Party

The Gods of the Clouds may yet allow Saturday night’s star party at DRA, but they are taunting us in anticipation, with the usual varied weather forecasts. The Clear Sky Chart predicts clear skies, but MeteoBlue.com hedges for bundles of dense, low-level clouds. It’s too early to call, but not to confirm that the party . . . → Read More: Possibly a Star Party

Cloud Watching at DRA

The Central Maine Cloud Watching Society announces a cloud watching party at DRA this Saturday, January 28, 2017, at 6:00pm. If, by some misfortune, the clouds clear, we’ll substitute a star party instead, hosted by the Central Maine Astronomical Society. Join us at:

110 Belvedere Road, Damariscotta ME 04543

(I’ve never tried this tactic before. . . . → Read More: Cloud Watching at DRA

Back in Business!

Special thanks to Josh Z. for solving the mystery of the broken Web site. This post is just a test, the first successful post in six months. More interesting posts coming!

CMAS Schedule through March, 2017

Here is the schedule for CMAS events through March, 2017. Highlights include: (1) No star party in September, because so may will be at the Acadia Night Sky Festival.

(2) Business Meeting on October 29, rain or shine. The 6:00pm start time may be tweaked. This meets at Brower, because Colin needs to show us . . . → Read More: CMAS Schedule through March, 2017

Confirming DRA Star Party

Looking forward to seeing everyone tonight at DRA! The list at the Doodle Poll has grown. My weekend-away-on-business got postponed, so Bridgit and I will be there after all. If you have not responded to the poll, adding your name may attract other friends; or, since we know we’ll be meeting anyway, just show and . . . → Read More: Confirming DRA Star Party

Extra Star Party at DRA this Saturday?

Brian Murphy has offered to host an extra star party this month at DRA, this Saturday, August 6, 2016, at 8:30pm (8:00pm setup). Add your name to this list if you would be there, and we’ll make it official! If no one is available, Brian may become, instead, the lone observer in his backyard in . . . → Read More: Extra Star Party at DRA this Saturday?

Work Day Notes — Brower Observatory

Colin’s notes from July 24, 2016:


The Brower Observatory is now in much better shape than before. In the process of repairing some decaying sheathing, the entire North Corner was found to be unsound.

Looking back, it seemed like a cost savings to utilize old lumber, but it’s probable that . . . → Read More: Work Day Notes — Brower Observatory

July 2 Star Party at Bombahook Observatory


The clear sky chart looks promising this evening and the winds are predicted to moderate but maintain enough of a breeze to keep the mosquitos away. Feel free to come early if you need to set up (7:30pm). We should be able to see the bright planets sometime around 9:00pm, but astronomical darkness for . . . → Read More: July 2 Star Party at Bombahook Observatory