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Brower Observatory

The Brower Observatory

The Brower Observatory construction completed in 2001.

Located in Whitefield, Maine, CMAS built an observatory in 2001. A Meade 16″ f/4.5 Newtonian on a motorized heavy equatorial mount accesses the dark sky through the slit of our 10’ dome. The dome originally was erected by Stanley Brower and housed a Meade 12″ LX200.

The CMAS Observatory project had been an exciting project to be involved in. Construction was a joint effort on the part of many people and wouldn’t have happened at all without the assistance, donations, and encouragement of Stanley Brower. Many thanks to all of you who volunteered their time and materials to the project. Come observe through this fabulous telescope!

A newspaper article written about the Brower Observatory Construction. Click for larger version.

The 16 inch Newtonian in the Brower Observatory

Skyshed Pod Observatory purchased and installed in late 2017.

In late 2017, a used Skyshed Pod observatory was purchased and installed next to the Brower Observatory. It has a 8 foot diameter dome that can be rotated 360 degrees, has two attached “pods” for storage, and is made of high density plastic so it will require less maintenance. We have plans in motion to house an additional permanently mounted telescope in this new-to-us dome. More photos available on the gallery.

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