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CMAS Schedule Through December 2019

Astronomers, polish your glass for a busy fall and winter! Here is a schedule of events through the end of the year. Watch also for announcements about flashmobs, those additional star parties held on short notice when the weather is unexpectedly ideal for stargazing!


Thursday, September 19 — Sunday, September 22 CMAS Northwoods Star . . . → Read More: CMAS Schedule Through December 2019

No Aurora Borealis

CMASians who despair of having missed a rare opportunity, be comforted in knowing that nary a whisp of the aurora borealis was visible this past Saturday. We had a great star party for objects high overhead, despite the somewhat soupy horizons that may have obscured whatever aurora otherwise may have been visible. It may also . . . → Read More: No Aurora Borealis

Star Party for the Aurora Borealis

Your ever-hopeful astronomy club meets tonight at Brower Observatory, in anticipation of seeing the much-hooplahed Aurora Borealis. Currently, the solar wind that causes the aurora is unusually strong, which may push the aurora from the Arctic down into Maine, so that there is a fair chance we may see it. The aurora is often faint . . . → Read More: Star Party for the Aurora Borealis