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New Strategy for Iffy Weather — “Iffy” Star Parties

CMAS introduces a new, additional method of dealing with bad weather, the “iffy” star party. A party will be declared “Iffy” when the weather is too unpredictable to either comfortably host it or cancel it. Everyone will be invited to attend, with the understanding that it may be too cloudy to see anything upon arrival. If the skies are clear, we’ll observe; and, if not, we’ll enjoy each other’s company, tune telescopes, swap stories, or whatever, for however long, until we decide to return home.

An “Iffy” party is somewhat different from an indoor party that has been carefully planned with topics and speakers, although there are such parties in our future. It is instead improvisational, drawing from the knowledge in our heads and friendship in our hearts, to improvise marvelous evenings. It’s a low-pressure hedge against canceling another star party on an iffy night that ultimately has clear skies.

After six months of not meeting, this is our latest attempt to fight back against torments from The Gods of the Clouds. Once a party is declared “iffy,” the hosts will attend regardless of the weather, so come if you dare. We’d love your company in our hope for clear skies.

No Doodle poll this month. We’ll either meet under clear skies, cancel upon certain clouds, or declare a party “iffy”—in which case we’ll meet for sure, but maybe not observe. Watch your email for a message stating whether we’ll meet Friday, Saturday, or Sunday!

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