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Post-Halloween Star Party: Trick, or Treat?

Star Party at Brower Observatory ???

Saturday, November 3, 2018, 6:30pm (6:00pm setup) ???

341 Route 126, Whitefield, ME 04353


Possible Flashmob: Sunday, November 4

Rain Date: Saturday, November 10


We hear ya thinkin’: “Star party on Saturday, or even Sunday, bah! We’re cloud watchers and kite fliers, not star gazers.” CMAS sympathizes with your predictions, and acknowledges that they may prove true. But, for now, hold tight! Several important astronomer’s forecasts currently show skies clearing by 7:00pm Saturday, although there may be a problem with gusts of extremely high winds. If the telescopes were a’shakin’ in the breeze, observing may not be possible. We will confirm or postpone the star party at midday Saturday.

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