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Star Party tonight? Flashmob?

Star party tonight? Flashmob? There’s some confusion here. With apologies for my role in this, anyone who wants to observe tonight, please respond, and we’ll see what could be arranged. Please say at what hour you would like to begin (6:00pm? later?), and your preferred venue (DRA in Damariscotta? any other sites volunteering?), but not Brower, which is still iced in. If you’d like to meet at DRA, say also whether you’d like to meet for dinner beforehand, at Sarah’s Cafe in Wiscasset.

Watching the weather all week, forecasts had suggested that tonight (Saturday, January 26, 2019) was destined to be a wet, cloudy, icy bust. Now that today has finally arrived, the forecasts are (wouldn’t ya know it!) turning toward clear skies, albeit murky for deep space objects, and iffy for stars and planets as well. But, this is Maine, so we take what we can get! One never knows for sure, until the night arrives and one is standing under the stars. But, sometime back, tonight had been set aside on the calendar as a possible night; and, from there, the expectation spread on Facebook; so, as my penance for having been unclear, I’ll do my best to fix what I can, if CMASians want to observe. I apologize for my role in the confusion.

It’s mid-afternoon. We’d need to hear back quickly to be able to arrange a flashmob for tonight. You’ll hear from me again, if there is going to be a flashmob.

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