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Workday at Brower Observatory / Possible Star Party

Saturday, May 4, 2019
Workday at Brower Observatory, 9:00am—2:00pm
Possibly, Maybe Followed by a Star Party, 8:30pm
341 Jefferson Rd (Rt 126), Whitefield, ME 04353


Brower Observatory, the Mauna Kea of Maine, holds its annual Workday this Saturday, May 4, 2019, from 9:00am to 2:00pm. Many hands make work go fast, so CMAS needs YOU. Yes; YOU. Join us to support your astronomy club!


Brower Observatory urgently needs fresh paint to protect it from the elements, yet one need not be Claude Monet or Pablo Picasso to help at Workday. If you can hold a brush or push a roller, your expertise is ample, and needed. Brower is all one color—gray—so if you see a wall or a trim board, paint it!


If painting isn’t your thing, lend your hands to emptying the observatory. After the carpenters have made some repairs inside (yes; skilled help is welcome), assist The Wizards of Inventory in replacing every last scope to a more organized place.


Everyone loves the soft, red LED lighting surrounding most of the perimeter of the dome’s floor, because it keeps us from tripping over each other. Hold a flexible fixture for the Emperor of Electrons as one last, necessary light strip is installed.


Honestly, we do not turn away carpenters, roofers, post-hole diggers, electricians, or anyone else who could bring real expertise to whatever discoveries may need to be repaired at Workday. Tools? If you have ’em, bring ’em!


There may, or may not, be a star party at Brower Observatory in the evening after Workday, beginning at 8:30pm. This depends both upon whether the weather cooperates, and whether the possibly tired workday crews have enough energy to return to observe. If you can not help with workday, but may want to attend a star party if there is one, send a message to the Presidential Hotline, so we would know who to keep informed about confirmations or cancellations.

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