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Star Party for the Aurora Borealis

Your ever-hopeful astronomy club meets tonight at Brower Observatory, in anticipation of seeing the much-hooplahed Aurora Borealis. Currently, the solar wind that causes the aurora is unusually strong, which may push the aurora from the Arctic down into Maine, so that there is a fair chance we may see it. The aurora is often faint and low on the horizon when it is visible here, so we’ll hedge our bets by viewing from the nearby cemetery, with its clear view to the northern horizon. Besides, even if the aurora proves to be a bust, the robust crowd descending upon Brower is sure to have a fine time viewing all the wonders that we remain privileged to have readily available in our dark skies. Weather forecasts show this afternoon’s partial cloudiness largely passing by about 10:00pm.

Saturday, August 31, 2019, 8:30pm
Star Party at Brower Observatory
341 Jefferson Road (Route 126), Whitefield, ME 04353

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