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Star Party at Galaxy Quest in Lincolnville

Saturday, February 18 ; 6:30pm
Galaxy Quest Observatory
84 Vancycle Road, Lincolnville, ME 04849

On Vancycle Road, shortly after the pavement changes to gravel, look on the left for the sign marking the entrance to Donkey Universe Farm. Park near the barn.

The night of the 60mm refractor shoot-out: Jacob’s compact 2020s f/5.6 Takahashi on a magical new equatorial mount that requires no counterweights, versus Jon’s long, skinny 1970s f/16.7 Royal Astro Tasco. These strikingly different telescopes share only the same aperture. We could explain the differences, but come see them in person, hear all about them, and see through their eyepieces for yourself! Contrasting with the long, skinny Royal Astro will be the short, wide 12” f/3 Dobsonian that Colin and Pete built for astrophotography. And, of course, the 18” Big Dob is always featured at Galaxy Quest!

Comet watchers, with all of those telescopes, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to see the comet. It is no longer next to Mars, but if you are new to astronomy and are not yet sure how to find it, we’ll find it for you!

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