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CANCELLED: CMAS Hosts GAAC at Brower Observatory


The star party scheduled for tonight (Saturday, September 9, 2023) at Brower Observatory is cancelled. Forecasts and the darkening afternoon sky show that today’s beautiful sunshine is transitioning into a night of thick clouds and generally terrible conditions.


“Flash mobs” are impromptu star parties that are announced at the last minute, without being formally planned in advance. A prior announcement said that there may or may not be several flash mobs at Brower Observatory throughout the coming week. If the weather improves and several other criteria are met, any flash mob to be held will be announced separately, in the afternoon just before it is to begin. If you hear nothing, then no flash mob is happening.



Here is the original post:



Star Party on Saturday, September 9, 2023, 7:30pm

Potential Flash Mobs in the Following Week

Brower Observatory, 341 Route 126, Whitefield, ME 04353

This star party begins the Gloucester Area Astronomy Club’s visit to CMAS. Gloucester is near light-polluted Boston, Massachusetts, so much of what is readily visible to us, they must travel to see.

GAAC is a great match for CMAS. Like CMAS, GAAC focuses on observing, and has a long history of building telescopes. Intriguing telescopes are likely to arrive with them. If their 20-incher fits into someone’s car, that would allow seeing dimmer objects than are visible with the 16-inch in Brower’s dome. In return, GAAC is looking forward to the planetary views in CMAS’s new, 10-inch Trischiefspiegler, which is exceptional for planetary observing.

Starting on Sunday the 10th and ending on Friday the 15th, there will also be the possibility of flash mobs with GAAC at Brower when the weather is exceptional, and GAAC requests use of the site, and a separate announcement is made on the day of the event. There may be a few such flash mobs during the week.

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