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CMAS Flash Star Party at Bombahook Estates

Flash star party tonight, Saturday, May 31, 2014, at Brian Murphy’s House! Arrive after 7:00pm. Note this is *not* one of CMAS’s usual observing sites, but is new to us:

8 Sunrise Drive, Hallowell, ME 04347

Sunrise Drive is in Bombahook Estates, across from the Cohen Senior Center off Town Farm Road. Brian’s is the first house on the left. This is nearish to the end of Whitten Road Road in Augusta, where Winthrop Street crosses over Route 95.

As promised, we’ve been watching the weather. Tonight looks to be clear, with just a pretty sliver of a Moon setting by 10:30pm. Brian has several telescopes, but please bring yours if you can. Finally, a star party after six months of astronomical deprivation!

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1 comment to CMAS Flash Star Party at Bombahook Estates

  • austin burt


    I live in CT, but have been looking at the light pollution maps and north central Maine looks great. Are there any high elevation super dark good observing sites to be had? I don’t mind rustic or pitching a tent, but some insider advice would be most welcome. Thanks!