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UPDATE — Tuesday, October 10, 2017 — THE LOCATIONS OF THE NOVEMBER AND DECEMBER STAR PARTIES HAVE BEEN SWITCHED! We’ll now meet at Brower in November, and at Galaxy Quest in December. Everything else is unchanged.


For advanced planning, here is the schedule of all of our star parties through next June. Rain dates are the Saturdays following each date, except that there will be no rain date in December, because the 23rd is so close to Christmas, and there will be a first quarter moon then anyway.

Nov 11 Sat 2017 5:00pm — Brower
Dec 16 Sat 2017 4:30pm — Galaxy Quest
Jan 13 Sat 2018, 5:00pm — DRA
Feb 10 Sat 2018, 5:30pm — Brower
Mar 10 Sat 2018, 7:15pm — DRA
Apr 7 Sat 2018, 8:00pm — Brower
May 5 Sat 2018, 8:45pm — DRA
June 9 Sat 2018, 9:15pm — Brower

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