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Star Party at Brower Observatory

Star Party at Brower Observatory this Saturday, November 11, 2017, at 5:00pm. That’s not a typo! Between the early sunsets of fall and the loss of Daylight Savings Time, we can start at five and get to sleep early, after pleasant, long hours spent observing.

Star Party at Brower Observatory
Nov 11 Sat 2017, 5:00pm
341 Route 126, Whitefield, ME 04353

Along with the usual gorgeous astronomical objects, come see some Brower Observatory’s collection of classic telescopes. We’ll be using them in droves, because the Observatory is covered in a tarp, while we finish repairing the damage that recent winds inflicted to the slot in the dome. Also on display are all the unassembled pieces of CMAS’s additional new observatory, a SkyShed Pod, but more on that later. How about in person, at the star party?

There is some chance that no further news about this star party will arrive via email, or be posted on the Web site, including the customary last-minute confirmation or postponement. With apologies, I have been preoccupied with decidedly un-telescopic business this week, but CMAS has you covered. To know what’s happening, cruise over to CMAS’s Facebook page:

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