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Star Party at Brower Observatory

Saturday, May 5, 2018, 8:30pm
Star Party — Brower Observatory
341 Route 126, Whitefield, ME 04353

Rain Date: Saturday, May 12, 2018

Time for a star party! The full moon shone only earlier this week, but Saturday’s bright moon will not rise until 1:00am, and the weather forecasts are promising.

Join us at Brower Observatory, the Mauna Kea of Maine, in celebration of all the good things happening there. Bundles of fascinating, new-to-CMAS optics await our eyeballs, including a newly improved secondary mirror on the 16” in the dome that makes an already fabulous telescope outright legendary. With the new pier installed on the 12” LX200 in the new SkyShed Pod, everyone is invited to sit at the eyepiece, to enjoy the view while helping us check that the pier’s hight is optimal for everyone. Plans are brewing to build a permanent optical tube for the trischiefspiegler, so if you do not even know what a “trischiefspiegler” is, all the more reason to join us this Saturday, to learn about it! Another night of looking at the most beautiful objects in the dark skies above Maine, with all your CMASian friends, finally in warmer weather.

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