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CMASian Lunatics Star Party at Arsenault’s Arsenal Observatory

Star Party at Arsenault’s Arsenal Observatory

Saturday, October 13, 2018, at 7:00pm

6 Beaver Drive, Litchfield, ME 04350

Join us for the ultimate gala star party, on Saturday, October 13, 2018, at 7:00pm (6:30pm or earlier setup), at Arsenault’s Arsenal Observatory. Mr. Arsenault has in his arsenal a rare 16” f/6 Lightspeed reflector, which he has just recently finished refurbishing. Welcoming this telescope back into service is a major event, because it has one of the finest mirrors CMAS has ever seen (for astonishing clarity and contrast), and the coolest mount imaginable (easy and steady as a Dob, but it tracks!). Also in Arsenault’s arsenal at Arsenault’s Arsenal Observatory is a classic 6” f/10 classic ATM refractor, with a Jaegers objective, a Unitron finder, and the cleverest home-built mount in our arm of the Milky Way, with the tension on the altitude axis controlled by a mule (honest; we swear!). The Moon will be a setting sliver as the party begins; so, unusual for CMAS, this event will include highly detailed lunar observing early (courtesy of the amazing Lightspeed), as well as our more traditional observing of deep space objects after the Moon sets behind the trees, sometime before 9:00pm. There is no rain date, but always the hope for a flashmob on unexpectedly clear nights.

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