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Galaxy Quest GUARANTEED!

Only three things in life are absolutely guaranteed: Death, taxes, and flawless weather for the star party at Galaxy Quest scheduled for this coming Saturday!

Saturday, June 1, 2019, 9:00pm
Galaxy Quest Observatory
84 Vancycle Road, Lincolnville, ME 04849

Mark your calendars, and ignore the weather forecasts! (Being somewhat of a coward, I actually shall check the forecasts as the party approaches, in case life proves to be uncertain after all.)

And, remember that, along with the usual pleasures of observing from this most beautiful of hillsides, Galaxy Quest’s amazing puzzle of a new mount awaits everyone’s inspection. It is equatorial, but not *German* equatorial. The Avalon M-Zero EQ/AZ combination mount can be used to hold two telescopes in alt/az mode; but, more intriguingly, it can also hold two telescopes in equatorial mode. In a boon for astrophotographers, it tracks all night without requiring a meridian flip. Something so hard to imagine must be simple in use, right? Join us on the clearest night of the year, to help old friends wrap their minds around this curious, marvelous new mount!

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