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Round Two: Star Party at Foss Hill Observatory

Star Party at Foss Hill Observatory / Josh Zukerman’s House

Saturday, June 29th, 2019, 9:00pm

64 Foss Hill Lane, Rome, Maine 04963

Not one to waste a good Saturday night, Josh Zukerman, host of this past Saturday’s star party, opens his skies to a second star party on this coming weekend. CMAS’s method of scheduling assures that, so far as the problem of a bright Moon obscuring the stars is concerned, the rain dates for our star parties are just as good for observing as the targeted dates. So, why sit at home complaining about how lousy the skies have been this spring, when we can switch the former rain date to yet another star party, and gather again at CMAS’s latest dark sky site? Be there! Per usual, flawlessly clear skies guaranteed.

Josh has named his land Foss Hill Observatory. CMASians who were present to inaugurate this site all said they wanted to return. Those who missed last Saturday now have a second chance to see “the Palomar of the North,” and to appreciate why it would be more appropriate to call Palomar “the Foss Hill of the South!”


Approaching from Route 8 in Belgrade, or Smithfield Road in Oakland:
• Drive west along Route 225 for 2.1 miles
• Turn right onto Foss Hill Lane

Approaching from Route 27 in Belgrade:
• Drive east along Route 225 for 3.5 miles
• Turn left onto Foss Hill Lane

Last house on the dirt road, big red barn.

If using a GPS and “Foss Hill Lane” is unavailable in its index, try instead entering “Foss Road” or “Foss Hill Road.”

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1 comment to Round Two: Star Party at Foss Hill Observatory

  • Robert Russo

    This is Bob Russo.
    I have a remote controlled observatory in Arizona. folks are welcomed to join me some evening to observe and or take pictures with my telescope.
    you will need team Viewer and a carafe of coffee since the time zone is 3 hours behind us.
    finding objects takes less than minute and taking the CCD image for viewing can take as little as 30 secs up to 7 minutes
    we can see many objects in just one evening.