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Star Party at Galaxy Quest Observatory

Saturday, December 28, 2019, 6:00pm

Star Party at Galaxy Quest Observatory

84 Vancycle Road, Lincolnville, ME 04849


Just after Santa’s departure, but before New Year’s Eve…

Join CMAS for its historic return to Galaxy Quest Observatory! For the past two full years, clouds have descended upon Galaxy Quest every time we have tried to meet there. In case past promises jinxed us with the Gods of the Clouds, CMAS offers no corny guarantees of clear skies this time; but, we will guarantee another message or two later in the week, confirming or (horrors!) canceling this star party. And, “cancelled” it would be if the weather soured, because CMAS is unable to offer a rain date.

Note the early start, at 6:00pm (with earlier setup welcome). When darkness falls early in winter, we begin early so we can quit early; unlike in summer, there is no need to stay up late for this party. Long range weather forecasts are for a warmer weekend, so “chill” ought to mean, “Relax with CMAS,” rather than, “For the love of your hobby, prepare to freeze.” If anyone has a brainstorm about where we might meet for dinner beforehand, drop a line to Your Illustrious President, and we’ll see what might be arranged.

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