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Confirming Star Party at Night Owl Observatory

Saturday, November 26, 2022

4:00pm start for full darkness by 5:00pm (later arrivals welcome)

6 Beaver Drive, Litchfield, ME 04350

Amazingly, the already rare, almost perfect weather forecasts have improved for the star party at Night Owl Observatory, so be sure to attend! Night Owl Observatory is at Lenny Arsenault’s house. From Hardscrabble Road, follow the red lights through the right turns leading to Night Owl. If you find yourself driving down a long, dark road into deep woods, you’ve missed a turn.

The rogues gallery of the telescopes at Night Owl Observatory shows Lenny atop the ladder to the eyepiece of the 16” Lightspeed, the 6” Giant Refractor before it was recently mounted on its beautiful new pier, and the Mark Harry Dob with the exceptional mirror. The Mark Harry is important tonight, because it is portable. We’ll be placing it to see Saturn before it sets over the treetops to the West, and Mars as early as it rises in the East. Mars, admittedly, rises somewhat late for these treetops, but with the weather forecast changed for temperatures to stay above freezing instead of below, perhaps we will last that long!

See you tonight! Remember, it won’t be half as much fun for the rest of us if you aren’t there!

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