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Star Party at Galaxy Quest Observatory

Star Party at Galaxy Quest Observatory
Saturday, December 16, 2017, at 6:00pm
84 Vancycle Road, Lincolnville, ME 04849

This post confirms tonight’s star party at Galaxy Quest. Weather forecasts suggest a good night, with skies that may or may not be completely clear from the start, but that get clearer either way as the night rolls on. Attendance will be solid, with at least nine long-time members already committed, and at least one new astronomer expected. Nearly everyone will be having dinner at the Lincolnville Center General Store prior to the star party. It will be cold, but the heat will be on in the observatory’s control room and in the rest room in the barn.

Tonight’s special event will be a comparison of two similarly sized, modern refractors, one apochromatic, the other with ED glass. They will be mounted on a tandem mount, so they both will always show the same object. The Big Dob will be showing the fainter deep space objects, and there will likely be a special guest with a case of exotic historic, reproduction, and modern eyepieces, adding to the intrigue. Join us to compare the views!

A few pointers repeated from the last post:

• The party will start at 6:00pm, not 4:30pm as originally posted on both the Web page and Facebook.
• There will be no rain date for this star party, as the following week is too close to Christmas.
• Stop by the Lincolnville Center General Store prior to the star party for a wine tasting, 2:00pm-6:00pm. Munch a wood-fired pizza, or perhaps the ultimate hamburger, to fuel your furnace for the night! 269 Main Street, Lincolnville, Maine, not ten minutes from Galaxy Quest.

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