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CMAS Confirming Star Party at Railway

CMAS is pleased to confirm tonight’s star party (Saturday, May 13, 2023) at Alna Center Station of the Wiscasset, Waterville, and Farmington Railway. The sky is expected to be completely free of clouds and superbly transparent, although winds aloft may disrupt seeing in a way that favors observing diffuse deep sky objects over planets. Aperture masks or smaller telescopes may help if you have them. No worries, though; we’ll pick our objects for the conditions, and everyone will have a fine time.

Using the directions sent previously, Alna Center Station should be easy to find. It is accessible via the unmarked, gravel access road hidden in the tree line abutting a large field on the west side of Alna Road, not quite half way between the readily visible landmarks of Alna Meeting House and Alna Fire Department. These are well marked on Google Maps.

If you have not yet volunteered to bring a telescope but wish to do so, just show with it. More telescopes are always welcome.

If you will be riding the train to the star party, remember to follow whatever directions the railway supplied with your ticket. Your trip will begin at Sheepscot Station, not Alna Center Station, so be sure to go to where you need to be! Last I knew, tickets for the train were still available at the “Book Online” link of:

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